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RL Grime Drops ‘NOVA’ Remixes Vol. 1 Featuring Eptic, K?d, & 9 Other Artists [Listen]

When you’re RL Grime, sometimes more is better. And with his sophomore LP NOVA, it seems like 22 is the right number.

We reported earlier this week about RL Grime’s crazy strategy of releasing 22 different remixes for his album NOVA. And today, we’re blessed with 9 new releases and 11 overall tracks. (TYNAN and 1788-L released their singles earlier this week.)

Volume one features Hex Cougar, Said The Sky, k?d, Enschway, AWAY, ODEA, Part Native, MYRNE, 1788-L, Eptic, and TYNAN. Each respectfully gives their take on RL’s album. When your remix album looks like a small festival lineup, you know you’re doing things right.

Now go dive in, and see what remix is your favorite. 

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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