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RL Grime is Back: ‘Era’ Rejuvenates his sound with the Enthralling and Mysterious tune

It has been a long four months for RL GRIME fans. Since the release of “Stay for It” ft. Miguel in June, and the debut of his magazine Novazine (created to increase hype about his upcoming album, Nova), it’s been a waiting game for new music. Not only are fans eagerly anticipating new music, but RL’s new album and beloved Halloween Mix awaits release as well. 

To appease his waiting fan base, RL released is newest single “Era,” this morning. The song certainly blows everything out of the water. Fans have already coined this track as THE single release of the year.

“Era” begins with a heavy-hitting intro, like one you would expect out of an action movie as the plot increasingly builds. Not only does he play around with his signature build ups and drops, but he also incorporates a small drum and bass break.

The whole track is enthralling from start to end, and brings us back to the dark and mysterious aesthetic of the RL Grime project. 

Check “Era” out below, and let us know what you think!

RL Grime has created an era filled with appreciation for the trap genre. This song reminds us that he is that dude.

Featured image courtesy of Becca Wilbee. 

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