Producers: Submit Your Remix for RL Grime's Sable Valley Inaugural Competition via Audius
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Producers: Submit Your Remix for RL Grime’s Sable Valley Inaugural Competition via Audius

Sable Valley, Rl Grime‘s label, has shared some exciting news for producers wanting to showcase their talent. They have launched the first of an ongoing series of remix contests designed to identify emerging talent through the music streaming platform, Audius.

Sable Valley artists REMNANT.exe & Deadcrow are first to contribute, releasing the source files for their recent tracks “Singularity,” “Fallout,” and “THERA.” Producers can download the stems in high-quality 320kb, and re-upload their remix to the platform for free. After submissions, the label’s Discord community will vote on the submissions and semi-finalists will be selected and “co-signed” on Audius. For the final winner, the SV team and RL Grime himself will choose two winners for an official release on the Sable Valley label.

Get the links to the tracks below, and get your remix on now!

REMNANT.exe – Singularity
Featured image via Becca Wilbee. 

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