River Beats Presents: Wonkay Records Takeover

Since the start of my adventure through UK bass music, one label has always been on my radar, Wonkay. Owner Demetri Wonkay has always been an important part of the underground UK music scene.

Firstly you should know that Wonkay actually started in 2004 as a concept to bring free club nights of experimental music to the Brighton (UK) music scene. This became so popular that by 2008 a label was born, and showcased mostly psychedelic trance music. The decision was made to do this when Demetri decided to move to London.

It took a few years before you started to see Wonkay showcase more bass-heavy, and techno-driven artists. Artists including Myr, Seppa, Aytch, and of course Bunkle. A couple of which now own and run the label together, representing Brighton, Bristol, and Norway.

The roots run deep with this tribe, pretty much every artist involved has known each other for at least eight years, some ten. That’s what makes this showcase so special, these are the homies. They’ve got each other’s backs, been through it together. This is the OG UK Wonkay squad, they’ve assembled. 

The actual sets will be 45 minutes each, and they will be magic. This is the first time any of these artists have done anything live since this craziness began. 

See The Full Schedule Below!

Bunkle – 1pm MST / 8pm BST

Seppa – 1:50 MST / 9:50 BST

Hurtdeer – 2:40 MST / 10:40 BST

Myr – 3:30 MST / 11:30 BST

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