River Beats Premiere: LUZCID Returns with the Dazzling 'Time Skip' [Listen]
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River Beats Premiere: LUZCID Returns with the Dazzling 'Time Skip' [Listen]

Neil Berry has been on the razor’s edge of innovative sound design as Luzcid for some time now. He’s crafted memorable space odysseys with Bassnectar (Science Fiction, Music is the Drug) and added his lush sense of melody to high-profile remixes for his Wakaan peers.

Time Skip,” off today’s Prophecy EP, finds a Luzcid more composed and confident than ever before. He pays a few cinematic design nods to Liquid Stranger‘s influence while letting his signature silky melodies pilot surging plumes of distortion.

The overwhelming layers of textures and warp speed rhythms sound almost effortless, a knack of a clever production maestro. A particularly modulated sound punctures any moment of safe space with an unnerving alien ripple. “Make your mind drip with a.. with a..”  is chopped carefully over the song’s jagged bassline underbelly.


Speaking on the “Prophecy EP” as a whole Luzcid said,

“These songs all developed over the course of a year or more. I actively tried to step outside of my comfort zone and push to the next tier musically.

Even compared to his own “Sing Me to Sleep,” a gorgeous song that really took us by storm last year, Luzcid’s new output here is painstakingly crafted, rhythmically monolithic, and downright satisfying. Hot off the heels of his wild opening performance at Deja Voom a few weeks ago and with stellar new material, it’s safe to say that Luzcid will be on our radar for a long time to come.

LUZCID – Prophecy



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