River Beats Episode 001: Melt Facing (Klutch b2b C-LaB) [Full Length 1.5 Hour Podcast] - River Beats Dance

River Beats Episode 001: Melt Facing (Klutch b2b C-LaB) [Full Length 1.5 Hour Podcast]

Ever since Melt Facing made their debut in New Orleans, they have blown up the local circuit with their dynamic and highly energetic sets. A collaborative effort between Klutch (Andre Waguespack) and C-LaB (Chase Labure), Melt Facing always has something new for their fans. No two sets are the same, and these freestyling DJ masterminds show us the definition of “turnt”. Recently, Melt Facing played River Beats’ The Artist Showcase event and threw down a wild and energetic hour-and-a-half extended set, and we captured it all.

We are proud to introduce the first episode of River Beats’ live-podcast series The Artist Showcase featuring Melt Facing. This podcast was filmed during The Artist Showcase event held on Friday, June 3, 2016 at Esplanade Studios (2540 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA).

With the release of this podcast series, we hope to give fans a new way to experience the music they love. Whether you are on the go and need something to listen to in the car, at the gym needing some tunes to pump you up, or at home and looking to entertain your guests with a dynamic live-recorded podcast that literally brings the party right into your home.

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Check out our exclusive interview with Melt Facing!



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