LUZCID Just Dropped A Soundscape Of An EP On Wakaan [Listen]
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One of WAKAAN’s Rising Producers Releases An Immersive 8-Track EP [Listen]

Wakaan is known for other-worldly sounds courtesy of artists such as Space Jesus, Liquid Stranger, and Digital Ethos.

For the past year, LUZCID steadily joined those ranks with quality release after quality. And now he is back with his longest, most comprehensive project to date, COGNITION.

The 8-track EP creates a completely immersive experience for listeners. On Soundcloud, it’s tagged as “Freeform Bass,” a perfect description of LUZCID‘s production throughout the EP. LUZCID’s COGNITION knows no limits, as he guides listeners through a sonic landscape that awakens all corners of the mind.

The opening track, “NOIZ,” features a collaboration with wobble-master Dirt Monkey. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this track: wobbles with some freeform bass.

There is undoubtedly some Bassnectar influence in this EP. Most notably, “A Finger on the Pulse,” which is reminiscent of Lorin’s iconic 2015 release “Into the Sun.”

“Diamond Mind” is one of the heaviest tracks on this EP. Vocalist Born I Music‘s assertive lyrics are accompanied by LUZCID‘s aggressive, bass-in-your-face production.

Another standout track is “Puffin,” a collaboration with Megan Hamilton, which also has the grandiose quality of a Bassnectar release. LUZCID takes listeners on a sonic journey soaring high above mountains or diving deep into the rabbit hole. And let’s not forget to mention the experimental yet clean sound design.

“Petal” wraps up the EP on a calmer note. LUZCID creates a beautiful, serene orchestral effect of electronic bleeps and bloops that I could drift asleep to.

“COGNITION” is an ode to LUZCID‘s versatility as a producer. This EP is a soundscape that features aggression, tranquility, and other-worldliness.

Check out the full EP below

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