Rick & Morty's Authentic McDonald's Szechuan Sauce is Already Fetching Big Numbers on Ebay
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Rick & Morty’s Authentic McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce is Already Fetching Big Numbers on Ebay

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, you have no doubt heard about the obsession with Mcdonald’s Szechuan Sauce.

The limited-edition condiment from McDonald’s, mentioned in the first episode of season three, has spiraled into a cultural phenomenon. It has reached the point where McDonald’s actually brought the mythical sauce back, but only for a limited amount of stores and locations.

The sauce officially went on sale yesterday. Throughout all of the locations it was available, it sold out almost immediately. As you can expect, the sauce is already getting resold on Ebay, reaching some outrageous numbers.

The packets design is inspired by Rick and Morty, and most stores reported only receiving a hand-full of product. Check out some of the prices the sauce is fetching on Ebay below. Before you look, just realize $300 is the average starting price.

Honestly, this is no surprise to us. The mysterious sauce is extremely rare. Rick and Morty has such a cult following that we expect these items will fetch some big numbers once the auctions go live. What would you pay for some Szechuan sauce? Let us know.

Check out the ebay pages here!



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