Rick and Morty Season 3 is Finally Here! Explore All The Details and Trailers Here!
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Rick and Morty Season 3 is Finally Here! Explore All The Details and Trailers Here!

Earlier this week we reported about Rick and Morty teaming up with Run The Jewels to offer some of the coolest merch we have ever seen. And while that in itself is awesome news to both fans of the rap duo and the hit show, the REAL news here is the official start date of Rick and Morty’s season 3.

To fans like myself, it’s been a long agonizing wait period — over a year and a half — since the season two of Rick and Morty aired.

On April Fool’s day, the first episode was suddenly released to the surprise of fans everywhere. After the episode ended, months passed with no new information. However, the world was eventually graced with a new trailer and an actual release date for the remainder of season 3 (July 30th). 

What to know about season 3

Season 3 will air Sunday, July 30th at 11:30 PM EST. For those ready to cut cable, there are options to stay up to date on Rick and Morty. Sling, DirecTV Now and Playstation Vue all stream Cartoon network/Adult Swim live. You can find out more information on those services here. Past episodes of Rick and Morty are available through AdultSwim.com and Hulu. 

How many episodes?

Whereas season one had 11 episodes and season two had 10, the third will feature 14. That means for 3 straight months, our Sunday nights will be filled with Rick and Morty.

The show has also graced us with a number of trailers and teasers from the upcoming season. These teasers have kept fans eagerly waiting the official start of season 3. Check out some of these epic clips below, and make sure you tune into adult swim tonight. 

The official trailer, in which Rick welcomes Morty to the “darkest year of their adventures.”

“Pickle Rick” is apparently a thing, and we love it. 

A fantastic Rick rolling trailer released before episode one aired. 

A Pokemon style battle with the Meeseeks


The adventures of Gear Head.

“Unity Connections”  

Poopy the Gymnast

H/T: The Indepedent. 

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