Rich Delinquent Debuts New Single 'Death Drive' [Watch+Listen]

Australian singer and producer Rich Delinquent just dropped his debut single “Death Drive” with a stunning visual to match.

With his debut single, Rich Delinquent brings together the best of emo pop and future bass with powerful vocals and energetic production. The Australian producer, who previously released tracks as Johnny Third, launches his new project with this emotive single and music video directed by HoodWolf and Zach Harris.

On “Death Drive“, Rich Delinquent’s undulating vocals and sparkling production are instantly captivating. The track’s vocal melodies and wavering chords build into an energetic future bass drop. “Death Drive” features the same danceability and alluring vocals as Johnny Third with a brighter spin and darker imagery. The accompanying visual features Rich Delinquent literally fighting for his life amongst a chaotic scene of wreckage.

Check out the new single below and stay tuned for more!

Featured image via artist.

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