Rezz Comes Out Firing with Sullen, Goth-Tinged Bass Single (Listen)

Rezz Comes Out Firing with Sullen, Goth-Tinged Bass Single (Listen)


Today, Canadian bass music legend and HypnoVizion label head Rezz released her newest track ‘Suffer In Silence.’ The forcible single previews the goth-tinged side of Rezz’s production that will guide the new music she has in the making. 

A dark, heavy mid-tempo instrumental, ‘Suffer In Silence’ is the quintessential Rezz track and one that fans will recognize from her live shows. A hard drop and spiraling chimes signal Rezz’s trademark hypnotic sound, while a fuzz-laden buildup shows the mastermind drawing inspiration from rock and punk music.

“‘Suffer In Silence’ has been a consistent track in my shows over the last year. I made it while experiencing severe insomnia that lasted almost 6 full days. It creeped me out while I was working on it, but I knew I had to finish it to encapsulate that period of time.”

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Beyond being a reflection of Rezz’s penchant for the eerie, ‘Suffer In Silence’ represents a dark period in her personal life. The track shows the producer’s deft ability to let anxiety, uncertainty, and fear manifest themselves in a track that still commands a dancefloor. 

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