REZZ Releases Third Single 'Premonition' Off Her Upcoming Album
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REZZ Releases Third Single From Upcoming Album ‘Mass Manipulation’

REZZ x knodis - Premonition

each week, Isabelle ‘REZZ’ Rezazdeh has released a new single from her upcoming album, Mass Manipulation. Now, she’s just released her third single “Premonition”; a collaboration with Toronto-based producer knodis.

Following her recent releases “Relax” and “Diluted Brains”, she continues to move forward with her dark, bass-heavy, minimalist production.

Appropriately so, as she’s cutting through the vines of our Dance/ Electronic community with her signature sound.

We’re thrilled for what’s in store for the fourth and final teaser to Mass Manipulation, as well as more from new producer knodis.

You can pre-order Mass Manipulation here.

Connect with REZZ:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with knodis:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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