Relive Pretty Lights' Two-Night Run at Red Rocks: Watch Now
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Relive Pretty Lights’ Best Two-Night Run Ever at Red Rocks: Watch Now

Pretty Lights is single-handedly executing something completely unique in music. Derek Vincent Smith combines amazing production (shout out Lazershark), unreleased and classic/rare tracks, and artists’ talent across a wide spectrum. This might be a grand claim, but the Pretty Lights Live Band is the best thing to happen to 1) Smith and 2) the growth of electronic music.

This weekend, Smith brought the band to experience one of America’s most beloved venues: Red Rocks. After an amazing weekend at the Gorge last week, Smith and the band picked up right where they left off straight from the Rocks. At the venue, the Pretty Lights team brought something new to the table with high-quality live streams. For all Pretty Lights fans unable to attend the event, they were able to enjoy it directly from their home.

Night one consisted of classic Pretty Lights hits such as “Summer’s Gone”, “Fill Your Eyes”, a “My Only Hope”/”Finally Moving” mashup, and more. The rhythms connected from song to song, with one track flowing into the next. Smith even brought out his brother (Motiff) to share some love as he played Motiff’s tune “It Must Be Love.”

Night two included some Pretty Lights rarities: a remix of Britney Spears’s “Toxic”, “Samso”, “CREAM vs. NY State of Mind”, and much more. It was quite clear that the entire group rode high on the energy for night two. Smith ventured deep into freestyling waters by rapping over several tracks. “Samso”, a “Don’t Hate the 808” remix, and a “Summer Love” collab freestyle featuring hip-hop artist Jubee. His ventures were evident of his growing confidence in showcasing his freestyling skills.

The energy that Borahm Lee, Brandon Butler, Alvin Ford Jr., Chris Karns, and Derek Vincent Smith radiated from the stage was unlike any other. The chemistry between all different artists meshed so well, and continued to grow throughout every performance.

Watch the full performance from both nights below.


Feature image courtesy of Brittany Teuber.

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