Relax with Harris Cole's New Single "Gone Fishing" [LISTEN]

Relax with Harris Cole’s New Single “Gone Fishing” [LISTEN]

Harris Cole has been blowing up in the beat scene over the past few years. His unique and inventive style of music has helped transcend not only the lo-fi scene, but Tik Tok as well. “Game Over” has over 2 million uses on the platform and it helped propel him more into the limelight.

Now the talented producer has put out a new single “Gone Fishing” music much to his fans delight. “Gone Fishing” is a fantastic lo-fi song that you can study to, relax to, or do anything else you might do to easy listening. A guitar loop will have you feeling as if you’re drifting along with the soft flow of water. Check it out below and on your favorite platform here.

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