Reasons Why Young Adults Use Marijuana
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Reasons Why Young Adults Use Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the substances that are widely used and abused by people, especially young adults. Although there are advocates who are pushing for its legalization, there are still some who vehemently oppose this belief. Hence, teens are getting mixed information, whether it is safe to use or not. 

With the availability of the internet, one can easily search the benefits of marijuana, which strongly outweigh its consequences and vice versa. This event then leads to the path of experimentation. If you want to know what other reasons make young adults use marijuana, continue reading this article. 

5 Reasons Teens Use Marijuana

#1 Out of curiosity

Most young adults are curious about how it feels to be high on marijuana. As one age, it is part of his or her development to experience curiosity. However, including drugs and excessive use of pot as part of it is a dangerous move.

Marijuana can still be advantageous, but excessive and wrong use is not. The Weekend Gardner has a long list of good Indica strains that are safe to use. Click here to know more info @ WeekendGardener!

#2 Conforming with the peers

Conforming with peer pressure is one of the leading reasons why many young adults try smoking marijuana. As they get into a new school, job, or friendship, they start to conform and identify themselves in the group by doing what the rest is doing. The peer group might also involve the family. Hence, a member of the family who does the act may be adapted or mimicked by the young adults around.  

#3 Availability of the product

The availability of marijuana is also the top reason why many young adults are using it. Today, it is easier, more convenient, and cheaper to get the pot. The reason for this is that many states are already allowing stores to sell marijuana both for recreational and medical use. Having the opportunity to be exposed to colleagues, classmates, peers, and other people also increase the teen’s use of marijuana.

#4 Cope with boredom

In a recent study by the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, it was stated that some young adults use marijuana to kill boredom. While many prefer yoga, exercise, being musically inclined, and martial arts to cope with the day’s dullness, there are still some who would like to smoke instead. 

#5 Escape from problems

The teen stage is the best time to form a friendship and young love, and experience adventures. In contrast, it is also the stage where painful emotions and mental breakdowns happen a lot. In this way, the primary way to escape from these problems is to smoke and be high. Indeed, marijuana has medically proven itself to be an excellent remedy for emotional sadness and mental disorders. Nevertheless, it is still vital to know its proper use. 


Young adults have varying motives and reasons why they use marijuana. These same reasons, as well as their ways of using it, dictate possible marijuana problems in the future. Hence, gaining enough knowledge of the benefits and consequences of marijuana is essential.

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