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R&B Singer Songwriter ChrisLee Croons Ode to California on ‘Found Her’

Singer-songwriter ChrisLee’s soulful vocals come through on his first tease from his upcoming EP on Lowly Palace.

The delicate fusion of sleek R&B synths and intoxicating guitar melodies make for an effervescently sexy sound that subconsciously induces the most sensual of body rolls.

The track feels like a sweet cool breeze that catches you on the most blisteringly hot of days, the one that kinda sneaks up on you and slowly creeps its chilliness into your body until it’s in your soul. An ode to California disguised as a love song. The New Jersey native found inspiration for “Found Her” after a trip to LA and, like any true love at first sight story, found himself yearning for the one that he missed.

“The original idea for ‘Found Her’ stemmed from a month-long music trip to LA in April of 2017 with my closest friends,” says ChrisLee.

“When we returned back home it was overcast and rainy for what felt like weeks. I ended up finishing ‘Found Her’ back home, and it truthfully became one of the main reasons we all up and left our home to journey out to LA. It made me realize that I had truly fallen in love with California, and it was time to chase my lifelong dreams.”

Listen to the track below!




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