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Ravenscoon & SLAVE Divulge Into ‘Darkness’ [Exclusive Premiere]

It’s been almost 5 months since COVID altered the way we watch and listen to live music. During that time, publications and artists alike have moved into the live streaming world at superspeed.

Since early April River Beats has delivered over 350,000 live stream views across Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. One artist who helped us usher in this new way of live events was San Francisco producer Ravenscoon. Our April 25 live stream event marked the start of our live stream prowess, and our event was well-received throughout the dance music world. Re-live it here.

Ravenscoon has a unique sound that pits together death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass. His latest single with part-time WAKAAN collaborator SLAVE is an ethereal single titled “Darkness.”

The 5-minute single was inspired by the feeling of losing someone you care about to the darkness we face every day in life.

“Darkness was one I started just moments after learning of the recent passing of a friend and talented fellow DJ here in Cleveland, Ohio. Jimmy Mac was loved by so many and brought so much light into this community and world, and this song is dedicated to him and his legacy.” – SLAVE

“Darkness” is the second single to be released ahead of SLAVE’s upcoming full-length album, Transformation.

SLAVE recently told us he’s been writing music non-stop during COVID. During this time he has funneled the intense emotional experiences of 2020 into his music. Transformation will feature 11 tracks. After 10 years of producing music as SLAVE has stated this new album “his best work to date.”

The best part of this release? We have it one day earlier than everybody else. That’s right, you can stream “Darkness” one day early below.

Enjoy this exclusive premiere from Ravenscoon & SLAVE below.

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