Quix + Vincent Release Intense And Diverse Collab [Listen]
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Quix + Vincent Release Intense And Diverse Collab [Listen]

Quix and Vincent recently combined their two unique sounds to create a mix of trap and sensual beats, along with melodic lyrics by David Shane.
“Hero” starts out a bit slower, but still showcases New Zealand native Quix’s eccentric, bass electronic style. Quix has worked with several artists from around the world, and never fails to create a diverse song with each track he creates. His more intense sounds adds a healthy contrast to the more ambient style Vincent portrays.

LISTEN to “hero” below

Photo credits: Run The Trap

The track has quickly gained popularity as artist Ekali played it in his sets, which Quix actually specifies on his Soundcloud:

“[Hero] started out as a remix for someone and they weren’t particularly interested… Thanks to Ekali playing it in his sets for the last year, the track gained popularity and thus it was decided to release as an original. Thanks for everyone’s patience on this track, I know its been a while. Much love from Rob (Vincent) and myself!” – Quix

From the first drop with minimal fast beats to the second with a more glitchy / trap twist, this track will definitely satisfy any audience’s wonky / dark side.

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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