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Psymbionic Unveils Genre-Bending Psychedelic Album ‘Carbon Based Lifeform’ [Listen]

If you like weird bass, this release is up your alley. Known for his unique production and out of the box music direction, Psymbionic doesn’t disappoint with his new LP: Carbon Based Lifeform.

Breaking the stereotype that music fits squarely into any one genre, Psymbionic has always broke away from traditional sound design and explored other sides of electronic music. He manages to stay true to his roots however in the “downtempo, emotive side of the electronic sound.”

Below, read what he says about his thoughts and inspirations behind the unique ten-track LP:

“This album has been a huge growing experience for me. It’s the culmination of a couple years of hard work and study of how that music that I love is written and arranged. I was heavily influenced by science fiction media and there are some sci-fi threads throughtout the album that I intedned to tie everything together […]”

Carbon Based Lifeform drops on the heels of two lead singles: “Bionic Chronic” and “Dimensions.” Both releases gave fans a preview as to what to expect from the album. Psymbionic is currently touring North America in support of this album. Don’t miss him if he’s in your city!

Check out his full tour schedule below:

Stream Carbon Based Lifeform in its entirety now!

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