Protohype's Signature Bass-Blasting Beats Returns in 'See the Light Again' [Listen]
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Protohype’s Signature Bass-Blasting Beats Returns in ‘See the Light Again’ [Listen]

Electronic music’s dubstep champion Protohype returns with “See The Light Again” on his label Underdog Records. Enlisting the vocal delicacies of Meredith Bull who is at the heels of her solo track “Come Back Soon,” this frenetic new track is a thunderstorm of frequencies.

Marked by syncopated rhythms and combustible soundscapes, “See The Light Again” is a bass-blasting treat for fans of the front row. Transporting listeners straight to the main stage, Protohype’s latest offering blends vintage dubstep with silky lyrical lines. “See The Light Again” erupts with syncopated rhythm patterns so impassioned you can feel it on your skin.

Speaking on the track Protohype says:

“This track is about all of the bad things that have happened during the last year. Now, with lockdown coming to an end, I just think we’ve all been through so much as a community that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s step forward together and live life!”

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