Protohype Returns to Dubstep Roots With New Release On Own Label Imprint [Interview]

Protohype Returns to Dubstep Roots With New Release on Own Label Imprint [Interview]

Bass producer and long-time electronic artist Protohype returns with a new single that takes us back to our early dubstep days. “Run Cried the Crawling” is a lovely collaboration featuring Charmae, and is the first release on his very own newly launched label imprint Underdog Records.

With intoxicating vocals from Charmae, the two musicians lay their talents on a melodic ball of fire. Offering a mystical topline to compliment the track’s sensual atmosphere, the elements aligned here are well-deserving of both your time and ears.

Give “Run Cried the Crawling” a listen below:

We got to chat with Protohype about the new release and his new label, Underdog Records. Check it out below!

RB: Hi Protohype! How are ya feeling having “Run Cried the Crawling” out into the world today?

Protohype: “I’m so excited and filled with joy. This track is such an accurate representation of not only the sound I’m currently trying to convey through my music, but also the sounds that inspired me to make bass music in the first place many years ago. I can’t wait to hear what people think about it!”

How did you teaming up with Charmae happen? The two of your combined is a really awesome combination!

“Me and Ashley (Charmae) met at an after party in New York a while back. She told me she was a singer and producer and played me her music and it was a wrap from there! I’m such a huge fan of not only her as an artist, but who she is as a person as well. We have so many songs together already and have even talked about starting a side project together. She’s the best.”

Congrats on the launch of your label imprint as well! What goals do you have in mind for Underdog Records?

Thank you! Initially, my main goal for the label was for me to own my own masters and control how my music was conveyed and presented. Not that I ever had any issues with other labels, but I’m kind of a control freak and the idea of being able to handle everything myself just the way I want it is very appealing to me. Eventually once the label gets off of the ground I’m going to use Underdog as a platform to help other artists grow as well.

What kind of “sound” are you foreseeing for the label?

I’m envisioning an eclectic collection of different styles of bass music. Melodic, wobbly, fun, hip-hop inspired…everything my musical style has stood for over the years.

How can people submit to release on Underdog Records?

Right now I’m not accepting submissions for Underdog until the label is fully off the ground and has legs. I’m not currently ready to put the responsibility of another artist’s success on my shoulders until I know the platform is going to be successful!

With the label launch, does that mean you’ll be taking a break from music to focus on it? Or is new Protohype music on the horizon?

No not at all! In fact it’s the opposite…for me as an artist, owning my own label allows me to control my release schedule as well as the content it consists of. So expect new Protohype music almost every single month going forward!!! I’ve got big collabs with Conrank, Shlump, and a bunch more that aren’t finished. So much new music coming out for me in the near future.

Thanks for chatting with us today! Any parting words or thoughts for fans reading?

I just want to thank everyone who continues to support me through my artistic ventures. I really couldn’t do any of this without your help. So thank you for the constant love and support, and I’ll see you all out on the road!

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