PRIZM Give Us Retro 80’s Vibes With Debut Album ‘All Night’ [Listen]

PRIZM’s music is as effervescing as their look. The Dallas retro-pop duo attribute their sound and music to the 80’s and 90’s, paying tribute to the decade with 12 tracks in their debut album All Night. PRIZM, comprised of Danni James and Krisluv, mingle breakup tunes with party anthems for a well-rounded album that shows off their variety and musical prowess, in addition to their song-writing abilities.

Kicking off the album is the album-titled track “All Night,” which was featured in Paris Hilton’s birthday music video (yes, Paris Hilton)! Other favorites include 80’s retro “Can’t Bring Me Down” and heavy synths in “Mine.” Discover your own favorites below!

Give the album a listen below:

“All Night” featured in Paris Hilton’s birthday music video:

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