Price Park Continues to 'Rise' With Dreamy New Single [River Beats Premiere]

Hitting our ears today is Price Park, former Godwolf member, and his newest dreamlike single “Rise” featuring singer/songwriter Joe Kosky. This is his second release teaming up with Kosky; they worked together before earlier this year on “Fire.”

Upon first listen, the soft beat slowly rolls in and picks up as Kosky’s smooth vocals layer over effortlessly. Park explains that this song kind of wrote itself, an unexpected little gem. The two Melbourne-based artists found themselves on a writing retreat working through music and creating new tunes. Park made a “dank beat” that he found himself “keen for Joe to work with” and now… the rest is history.

“This is easily one of the most effortless and inspired tracks we’ve worked on together. The vocals and lyrics were really a logical extension of the mood we’d created with the arrangement. It can feel cliché or ‘tacky’ sometimes to write songs based in defiance, but at this point in time in both of our lives and careers –and of course given the global political climate –it feels poignant –it feels important. I think it’ll resonate fairly well since we’re all living through this strange period of history together.”

– Price park
Together… we will “Rise.” Give the song a listen below:

This is the perfect song to hang out and chill out too, as is most of Price Park’s discography. Check out his other music below:

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