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Price Park Remixes TWO LANES 'Back Down' [Listen]

Accompanying the lovely Drifting album by TWO LANES, released earlier this year, is a remix EP compilation featuring 5 unique tracks. For the remix EP, the duo (TWO LANES) tapped Tim Schaufert, Flaws, Wolfskind, Price Park and Noko to bring their own diverse take to some of the songs from the album.

Australian-based Price Park, an artist we have come to know and love at River Beats, incorporated his own indie-electronic elements for “Back Down.” Give his remix to TWO LANES a listen below.

“The original “Back Down” pretty much encapsulates everything I love about music right now. It’s a really beautiful, chill summer track with a great beat, gorgeous piano lines and a catchy vocal. Approaching this remix I just wanted to push those elements that I really connected with to the forefront while staying true in some respects to the original”

– Price Park

Give the complete Drifting remix EP by TWO LANES a listen, including remixes from NOKO and Flaws.

Featured image via artist. 

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