Pretty Lights Plays Unexpected Analog Solo Set for the First Time in Years [Video]

Pretty Lights Plays Unexpected Analog Solo Set for the First Time in Years [Video]

For the past year, those who have seen a Pretty Lights show witnessed Derek Vincent Smith with the live band. For every festival appearance and Episodic tour stop, it was always the entire project, not just DVS solo (except for one random festival show in which he did play solo). After the announcement made by Day for Night that Pretty Lights would be performing, and performing SOLO at that, fans purchased tickets for this exclusive occasion.

Since DVS began touring with the live band, solo Pretty Lights sets have been few and far in between. This has been met with mixed reviews, as fans appreciate the intricacy of what it takes to do the live band, however, they miss the one-on-one with DVS.

Those who attended Day for Night last night were thrown a curveball after they realized Pretty Lights wasn’t playing a traditional DJ set, he was playing a solo analog set. This hasn’t been done since the 2016 BUKU afterparty.

The manifestation of the evolution of Pretty Lights is evident. Day for Night was the perfect place for him to experiment with his sound and do things he hasn’t been able to do for a long time. He implemented live hip-hop with various synthesizers, completely breaking all barriers. Those who attended cherished this experience, an experience that probably isn’t going to happen again for a long time.

Check out what went down last night below!

Featured photo by YuhBoyGaryP

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