Pretty Lights Drops 31 New Recordings on YouTube Channel [LISTEN HERE]
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Pretty Lights Drops 31 New Recordings on YouTube Channel [LISTEN HERE]

Fans of Pretty Lights have been anxiously biting their fingernails while impatiently waiting for new music. Since the inception of the Pretty Lights Live Band, new music seemed to be closer than ever; plus the scheduled performances for a handful of festivals made fans question when/where/what was really going on. It is obvious that 2017 is going to be Derek Vincent Smith‘s year. With a hell of a start to 2017 with the New Years Eve Run in New Orleans, anything is possible.

To satisfy fans’ cravings, on the Pretty Lights Youtube channel are 31 new live recordings that dropped today. These recordings are hand-picked live improvised flips that the band created during the 2016 Episodic Festival run, which included stops in San Jose, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Morrison, Colorado; and more. Read below about Derek’s input on flips and what they entail:

Derek on “Flips”…

“We ended up devising something we call ‘flips.” We’ll start with a produced song, and everyone has a philosophy for playing on top of the produced songs.”

“Alvin has acoustic drums that he’ll play on top of it, and we also have drum triggers for electronic drum sounds so we can get a produced sound from the live kit. When I call a ‘flip’ everyone knows that I’m about to filter out the produced track. When the produced music disappears, the live musicians completely switch their sound to something that’s more electronic.

Borahm will drop into a synth bass, Alvin will switch to an electronic kick and an electronic snare. It’s like a quick crossfade. It allows us to go from the produced track, with the band accentuating it, to a fully live band without losing something…”

“It’s completely improvised but we’ve put a lot of time into making sure they know, stylistically, where the bounds are.”

The flips bring a freshness to already previously loved songs, such as “Yellow Bird” and “Total Fascination.” Give the playlist a listen below while you can, because who knows how long this will stay on Youtube!

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