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Song Premiere: Start Your Week Off Right with Plastik Funk’s “Sunrise”

There are times as a music lover when you don’t stop dancing until the sun comes up; you are happiest in these moments of getting so caught up in the music, that you completely forget what time it is. You feel the bright rays illuminate our skin and you slowly start to come back to life.

The diverse German duo Plastik Funk managed to capture these euphoric feelings of happiness in their latest single, “Sunrise”. The energetic house group consists of Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo and Mikio Gruschinske, two that have coined their sound as “bliss house”. This carefully curated sound matches the genre they have created and always gets people dancing on their feet. Recently, they have found a home on the Armada label, which has allowed them to release their music to the world (including a recent electrifying single, “Ever”). This past year, they have played at multiple festivals and clubs around the world, and they are not stopping yet. The duo will be finishing out the year with a few shows in Europe, including a New Years crowd grooving celebration.

“Sunrise” features powerful vocal samplings from Katt Rose, which the boys heard and immediately knew that they had to turn into a song. The vocals from Katt combined with the sensational-orchestra like instruments that lead into a melodic break, make this track a very thoughtful masterpiece. Plastik Funk didn’t just stop at one version of the song but decided to create two: a club and an extended version – which will be released January 9 through Armada. Proving their talents, the club mix tones down the vocals and increases the “groovy, trumpet-infused bassline for ample dance floor potential” and the extended mix “is reminiscent of progressive trance and perfect for relaxed listening.” Both mixes have something to please everyone; but for now, give the club mix a listen below!



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