[Premiere] Devon James & RS|AM Join Forces for Jacking Country Club Disco Track "NY"
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[Premiere] Devon James & RS|AM Join Forces for Jacking Country Club Disco Track "NY"

While the entire upcoming Clubhouse Collection compilation on Country Club Disco should fall into your docket of must listens, one track on the release caught our attention.

After sitting on the stems from New Jersey duo RS|AM, made up of artists Ricky Survive and Andrew Mason, for almost a year, CCD regular and talented up and comer Devon James found the perfect place to drop the collaboration, “NY,” via the label’s forthcoming Clubhouse Collection Vol. 1.

Read what James had to say about the release below:

“The guys sent me the stems for NY sometime last year after Ricky and I played at Output together. I sat on the project for a good amount of time but after playing b2b with Ricky in Miami this year I felt re-inspired on the track and started working on it once I got back…I’ve been working on putting together the comp with Golf Clap for a while now and I really wanted to get one of my own tracks on there and I am thrilled that my collaboration with RS|AM was the right one.”

Officially set to drop this Friday, “NY” features a classic house vibe, with just the right amount of weird, booty-shaking bass. And if you’re familiar with any of the three artists on the collab, this should come at no surprise. The track immediately hits with a jacking beat and sizzling hi-hats, enticing the listener from the get-go. As the record rolls along, Devon and RS|AM add in expertly placed distorted vocal samples and varying sound effects, showing off their knack for sound design and production.

Like the rest of the compilation, it is easy to say that “NY” seriously slaps. And thanks to Devon James and the rest of the team over at Country Club Disco, River Beats received exclusive access to the track before it’s official release date on Friday.

Stream the radio cut of “NY” below and let us know what you think via socials or the comment section. And also make sure to preview and pre-order the entire Clubhouse Collections Vol. 1 here. This is one you do not want to miss!

Listen to the Premiere of “NY” on Soundcloud:

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