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Portes Touches on Climate Change Awareness in ‘Human’ [Listen]

It’s no secret that climate change is very, very real, and we are already experiencing the effects of it. Luckily, there are artists utilizing their platforms to speak up about climate change including Billie Eilish and now, Denver-based singer/songwriter PORTES. She proves that she is not afraid to speak up about her concerns for the world and goes head to head with controversial topics that people find “taboo” to even mention. PORTES uses her soft-style, lullaby singing to encourage the listener to pay attention to her lyrics and take action.

In her newest single “Human,” PORTES pushes for the listener to “conjure up their own vision of what is happening in society.” In the track, she talks about her own concerns of global warming and human rights, hoping for a call to action. Every little bit of education counts, no matter how small.

Listen to “Human” below:

“Human” pleads with us to draw near and work towards a common solution and asks us to be good stewards to one another, to animals, and the environment.”


Featured image via Sierra Voss.

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