Listen to the Infectious Single 'Goose' by The Rising Texas Group Polyphia

Listen to The Infectious Single ‘Goose’ by The Rising Texas Group Polyphia

Why do we like it? 

Mannnnnnnn, Polyphia has officially put us on notice. The groups sound is just so unique and different. Blending technical, weaving instrumentations with hip-hop, jazz and R&B influenced grooves, Polyphia has created a massively impressive sound that is all their own.

The group recently dropped an infectious new single titled ‘Goose’ from their newest EP, The Most Hated. You can stream the latest EP Here!

Polyphia’s debut album Muse has sold over 10k copies to date, and landed the band on several Billboard Charts including: No. 5 on Internet Albums, No. 6 on Hard Rock Albums. 

Bassist Clay Gober had this to say about the group:

“We want people to recognize the new creative direction we’re going with our music: an almost electronic type of genre merged with instrumental songwriting. One thing we like to experiment with is jamming on hip hop tracks just to see where it takes us, and doing that has helped us come up with some fresh new ideas for song structure, melody, and other things that we haven’t really ever experimented with before”

Watch this epic video for ‘Goose,’ and let us know what ya think! 

Check out other recent releases from the group below! 


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