Pluko & Nate Traveller Team Up for Upbeat 'Blessings' [Listen]

Pluko & Nate Traveller Team Up for Upbeat 'Blessings' [Listen]

Foreign Family Collective young legend pluko is joined by Nate Traveller in his newest single “blessings.” With only 2 years of musical production under his belt, one would never guess with his impressive discography and list of accomplishments. At 19-years young, pluko has transformed from a less-known producer making indie-pop in his bedroom to a full-blown main stage act.

“blessings” sees a continued soundscape pluko has come to evolve into: one filled with bass-pulsing tracks mixed with colorfully infectious beats and vocals to accompany. This single is his release of 2020, which tells me we can expect a lot more from him this year!

Give the new single a listen below:

“I have finally reached the point in my musical career where I feel 100% confident in my work and in my sound. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you.”

– pluko

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