'Pling Plong' Played Out by Excision, Dion Timmer Finally Released [Listen Here]
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‘Pling Plong’ Played Out by Excision, Dion Timmer Finally Released [Listen Here]


When Dion Timmer names a song “one of the biggest of the year,” you know it’s going to be a good one! “Pling Plong” by PLSMA & VLCN garnered traction before it was even released after being played out by Excision, Peekaboo, and Dion Timmer himself all over the country. Sampling Huey’s 2007 one-hit wonder “Pop, Lock, and Drop It,” “Pling Plong” caters to both trap and hip hop lovers serving up a blast from the past we didn’t know we needed.

Both PLSMA & VLCN call Tampa Bay home. PLSMA’s production style “can be categorized anywhere from Dubstep to Hip Hop although his live performances tackle a variety of different genres including Trap and House.” VLCN began his career just a handful of years ago in 2017, playing around with other genres before finding his niche in dubstep and hybrid trap.

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