Player Dave Explores Atmospheric Beats in 'Boundless Perception' Alongside FLY [Listen]
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Player Dave Explores Atmospheric Beats in ‘Boundless Perception’ Alongside FLY [Listen]

Emerging from San Diego once more is glitchy electronic producer Player Dave; after spending time to focus on his physical and mental well-being, Player Dave ascends to the forefront with “Boundless Perception,” the second single to his upcoming album.

Charlie Sahm – the human brainchild behind the PD moniker – has always been one with music. From expressing an interest in musical production and instruments at a young age, Sahm’s love evolved into the musical artist we know today, a venture dating back to his beginning in 2016.

This release is a pretty big one as the producer explores a completely different indie-oriented sound with “Boundless Perception.” “Boundless Perception” feating FLY is a bridge between the old and new, introducing a whole new atmospheric era.

Player Dave’s forthcoming album, Where The Wind Blew Me, is due FridayMarch 26.

“After a few years of collaborating together, Naseem (FLY) and I developed this sound that was noticeably different from either of our solo work. We got closer to what was in our heads each time we worked together, and finally hit the nail on the head with ‘Boundless Perception’” 

– PD

Featured image via Lightning in a Bottle 2019 | Player Dave.

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