Planewalker's 'Akasha (feat. Ixchel Prisma)' Speaks to the Soul

Planewalker’s ‘Akasha’ (feat. Ixchel Prisma) Speaks to the Soul

From Taos, New Mexico comes the psychedelic sounds of Planewalker, and his latest release, ‘Akasha’ (feat. Ixchel Prisma), invites you to indulge further. ‘Akasha’ is off Planewalker’s upcoming album, “Planes of Consciousness,” which is set to release via Street Ritual on December 5th.


Why do we like it?

It’s an interesting track, for sure. The psy-bass inspired basslines, along with the instrumental breakdowns, really take you somewhere else. Also, Ixchel Prisma‘s vocals are absolutely hypnotizing on this, and listening to the track further makes you want to relax your mind and meditate.

Planewalker’s style is something that is hard to emulate, and in a world where uniqueness sets you apart, ‘Akasha’ and Planewalker stand out amongst the masses.  

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