Peekaboo Smashes Boundaries on 'Wrecking Ball' EP [Listen]

Peekaboo Smashes Boundaries on 'Wrecking Ball' EP [Listen]

You’d think we’d be blue in the face talking about Peekaboo releases wouldn’t you? We’ll stop reminding our audience of them when the young L.A. producer stops being so consistently evil.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Peekaboo is back with four songs that shatter the sound barrier on his Wrecking Ball EP, out on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats label.

The explosive cocktails of buzzsaw grain and billowing percussion design that cemented his trademark sound on past EP’s are here to be sure. Instead of trying to simply push the dial to 11 (“one louder, innit?”), Wrecking Ball exceeds in being darker over heavier through ominous, swaggering rhythms and more intricate song structures.

That’s not to say these songs won’t absolutely thump on a large system—the title track has been floating around in Excision’s sets for quite some time—but new tracks like “Whistleblower” back off the volume a bit to build subdued, miasmal backbeats that feel impossibly thick. A little less dubstep, a little more freeform doom metal.

If you liked the punch of “Babatunde,Peekaboo is diving further in that direction, on songs rife with obscured vocals and intense gulley-lurking atmosphere. The attitude on closer “Swingin‘” is downright infectious, popping with a sinister swagger DJ’s won’t be able to resist.

Menacing and exacting, Peekaboo has done it again, and more impressively, he’s done it better than before. Pay close attention to him in 2019.

Give Wrecking Ball a listen below:

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