Party Favor Explores New Sound in 'Save Me' [Listen]
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Party Favor Explores New Sound in ‘Save Me’ [Listen]

party favor
[via press release]


“LA-based DJ & producer Party Favor (aka Dylan Ragland) marks a new phase of his career with his latest single “Save Me” via Ultra Music. A new singing to the label, Party Favor evolves taking a more melodic and vocal-driven approach while still maintaining a high-level electronic production standard for the first song of a new project to come.” [press release]


About the track, Party Favor says:

“‘Save Me’ is an ode to the demons we’re all fighting constantly. Everyone’s going through something different all the time, and for me that’s dealing with anxiety. This song comes from the perspective of a person’s subconscious mind trying to rid itself of those demons, even when they keep coming back time and again.”

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