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Paper Diamond, One of Dance Music OGs, Returns With His Diverse 11 Track LP ‘Holograms’

After teasing the album with singles Bass Real Big,” “Downfalls,” and Billboard acclaimed “WORK 9000,Paper Diamond is back with his long-awaited LP Holograms.

A true OG to the game, Paper Diamond is back after a long hiatus. If you’ve been around electronic music for several years, then you probably know of Paper Diamond. But if you haven’t, like me, then now is the perfect time to get acquainted with his name and a multitude of styles.

The minute-long opening track, “Hologram,” is a simple, surreal sonic landscape. It’s the moment in which the lights dim and the curtains glide aside to reveal Paper Diamond’s stage of Holograms.

“Piece of Mind,” which features vocals by Molly Moore, is the sonic equivalent of taking a late night drive and pondering life. It’s calming with a touch of anxiety.

“Bass Real Big” featuring Ms. Williams, is an instant club pleaser that will draw any and all individuals, despite their personal music tastes, to dance…in a hopeful provocative fashion.

Some other favorites include the trance-like, low-end drive of “Wear Me Out,” the simplistic yet effective percussionist drive of “Lose My Mind,” which features JSTJR and Bassnectar-favorite Lafa Taylor, and finally “Done Up,” featuring Rarri, is a heavy yet playful take on rap.

Halfway through the LP, “Hologram 02,” another short soundscape, launches listeners into the industrial, swaggering trap of “Yay,” which might be my personal favorite.

Lastly, “WORK 9000” sounds as though it belongs in a GTA soundtrack. Just listen and try to tell me it isn’t the epitome of timeless swag.

It’s been about three years since Paper Diamond’s last album, but Holograms is surely worth the wait. This collection of tunes highlights the diverse, avant-garde style, quality, and expertise of Paper Diamond.

Photo Courtesy of the artists Facebook page.

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