Panda Eyes and Chime Drop Vibey Original 'White Magic'
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Panda Eyes and Chime Drop Vibey Original ‘White Magic’

Oskar Steinbeck, known by his stage name Panda Eyes, is a Swiss composer, producer, and DJ from Zurich, Switzerland, who’s been making waves with his unique sound structure.

The swiss producer has been busy over the past year, debuting his first full length LP Continue. Steinbeck recently opened up to UFK about his creative process and the struggle he went through to make Continue a reality. 

Continuing on from a successful 2017, Panda Eyes recently debuted a collaboration with bass heavy producer Chime out the United Kingdom. The track, titled ‘White Magic,’ features a future bass vibe with a heady dub inspired bass line. 

Why do we like it? 

‘White Magic’ blends the best of both worlds. A magical future bass tone, with a heavy dose of some good ole fashion UK dubstep. Chimes and Panda Eyes prove to be a great compliment for each other on this one. 

Featured Photo: Panda Eyes Facebook 

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