P-Tab Drops Luscious Future Bass Track "Crying for You" [Listen]

P-Tab Drops Luscious Future Bass Track “Crying for You” [Listen]

Many find comfort in late night sobs and gallons of ice cream after a painful breakup.

It may seem like getting bangs is the next step towards a “new you,” but put down the scissors and listen to P-TAB’s new track, “Crying for You.”

The New Orleans based producer infuses some of the Crescent City sound with a light brass melody. The vocals flow through the track, singing, “don’t tell me we used to be better, I won’t keep waiting around for you, now that I’m shining I can’t keep on crying for you.” Accompanied by uplifting synths, this track will get you out of that post-break up slump.

P-Tab is a star on the rise. This “below sea level beat brewer” refuses to color inside the lines when it comes to making music. Ranging from heavy trap to bouncing house music, this producer is one to look out for in 2018.

Give the track a listen below:

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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