Ozztin Samples Everything From Slim Shady to Smokepurpp In Buzzworthy Mixtape, “Tinman Tapes”

Ozztin Samples Everything From Slim Shady to Smokepurpp In Buzzworthy Mixtape, “Tinman Tapes”

Up-and-coming bass producer Ozztin has put out his latest release and it’s packed out with flavor from end-to-end. Coming out of Denver, Colorado, Austin Lombard, AKA Ozztin, brings a high-energy vibe to bass music that makes you want to move. He has been releasing music for five years and recently hit a hot streak.

A few notable releases include a “When in Rome” remix with Furtha, his remix of Greta Van Fleet’s “Light My Love,” and my personal favorite by him, “October Love.” The newest mixtape he just released on March 1st shows some of the range this young, talented producer has. 

The release, titled “Tinman Tapes,” is a seven-song collection of edits that cover a diverse range of sound. This mixtape has the wubs, it has the yois, it has the wobbles and it even has the “vibes.” These songs will have you bopping your head one minute and then having you up and moving the next.

The mixtape opens with an edit of Danny Brown’s “Grown’ Up.” Right off the bat, Ozztin adds a sample that catches your attention and leaves you in anticipation of what’s to come. Before you even have a moment to wonder what’s next, Danny Brown drops in with some diabolical verses that will send you floating. This track varies immensely from most of Ozztin’s other music and as a fan, it set the scene beautifully for the tracks that would follow.

The next track is a high-energy edit of Smokepurpp and Murda Beatz’s “123.” This one right here is a party starter. The intro grabs you with the distorted vocals of Smokepurpp before taking a sharp descent into some swirling bass. I do not recommend listening to this one while driving because once that drop hits, I promise you will not be able to contain yourself. In this track, you can hear the trademark sound (his own version of the “yoi”) that Ozztin has defined for himself over the years.

The energy keeps going with the next track titled “Monster.” This track uses samples from Eminem’s “Without Me” which, combined with Ozztin’s distinct sound, makes this one a lot of fun. The use of the sample is perfect and the drop will have you levitating.


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Up next, Ozztin gives us a remix of Flowdan’s “Horror Show Style.” The track features Tree Gaud and does well to capture both producers’ unique flavor. This one is a 130 BPM banger that is guaranteed to make you run it back over and over. Flowdan’s lyrics on top of the rattling bass sounds procured by Tree Gaud and Ozztin is something I didn’t know I needed, but damn am I happy that it’s real.

This next one is a flip of Mac Miller’s “Angel Dust.” A quick scroll through Ozztin’s SoundCloud will show you that this man is a big Mac Miller fan. The remix joins the ever-growing collection of Ozztin Mac Miller remixes some of which include “When in Rome” and “Frick Park Market.” I always get nervous when people remix Mac but Ozztin does the song justice. As a Mac Miller fan, it is refreshing to hear new twists on music I already love.

The 6th track off this mixtape is titled “Brain Dead.” In this track, Ozztin flawlessly incorporates yet another Eminem sample, this time using  “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” from the Slim Shady EP. The way he cuts up the sample is truly artisinal. The buildup grabs your attention and makes you anxiously await the drop, which doesn’t disappoint by an inch.

The 7th and final track off this mixtape, and my personal favorite on it, is Ozztin’s flip of “Calling My Phone” by 6lack and Lil Tjay. This one is truly out of the box for Ozztin. It’s the type of track that will make you want to pick up the phone and call your ex. The vibes on this one make you sway and it’s truly a beautiful track that shows off another side of the music that Ozztin has to share with us. 

The music that Ozztin produces is always a party, but he has recently been showing his depth with more than just hype tracks and heavy bass drops. The future is bright for this young producer and I am excited as a fan to see where this project goes. 

If you’d like to catch a set from Ozztin, he just announced a show in Dallas, Texas with Trip Drop, Furtha, and Devowr, and will be playing the Badger Bass Camp in Hastel, Colorado. If you’re like me and can’t wait to see what’s next from this producer then hop on the train now and make sure to buckle up because it’s about to be a wild ride.

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