Ookay Drops Pop-Fused Second Single from Sophomore Album [Listen]
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Ookay Drops Pop-Fused Second Single from Sophomore Album [Listen]


Ookay plunges deeper into his growing discography with another eccentric electro-pop groove, this one titled “Weekends.” “Weekends” follows behind Ookay, aka Abraham Laguna’s, single release last month, “Deep With Me.” Creating not only the track itself but the lyrics and vocals, Laguna’s multi-faceted evolving skill set is on full display. Ookay wrote “Weekends” about “a girl who has a different life than [he does], and [they] try to make it work… even if [he’s] busy sleeping.” 

Working to diversify his music production skills after the explosion of “Thief,” Ookay introduced his Live sets in 2017, slowly beginning to incorporate more pop elements while still staying true to the foundation of electronic music.

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