Two of House Music's Favorites Team up for Tech-House Collab [Listen]

OMNOM & VNSSA released their latest track last Friday via Insomniac Records. Both artists are some of the most in-demand names in house today, and collectively served up some tasty tech-house in “Skin.” Both based out of Los Angeles, OMNOM recruited VNSSA to hop in on the action for the much-needed collaboration we never knew we needed from the two house music mavens. Though “Skin” is definitely made for the dance-floor, you can groove from the comforts of your home until we can meet on the floor once more.

Listen to “Skin” below:

“One day, Vanessa and I sat down in the studio with the sole intention of writing
a “rave bomb” (as I like to call them).And I really think we created a track that toes the line between ‘beauty’ and ‘beast.’ […] Just like how Vanessa’s haunting vocals may seem a bit morbid at first, I think it’s not hard to find some beauty in the underlying message that we aren’t so different in the end.”


OMNOM and VNSSA have been friends for a few years and have been partners in crime for playing shows, so it only made sense that it was time for the two to collaborate. “This track came together pretty fast, and just like the artwork, it’s a complete amalgamation of the two of us,” VNSSA added.

For even more OMNOM, check out his recent guest mix feature on Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio.

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