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ODESZA Fan Creates Stunning Visual to 'Intro/A Moment Apart' Reprise

People these days are so damn talented, especially people on Reddit. Last night, Reddit user u/rustyspear11 shared a gorgeous visual he/she created to accompany ODESZA’s “Intro/A Moment Apart” reprise, the song that they opened up with during their A Moment Apart tour.

The snippet from the “Intro” is pulled from the movie Another Earth, a science-fiction drama. The accompanying video by rustyspear11 intertwines space, similar to ODESZA’s visuals for the song itself.

Check out the video below:

ODESZA – Intro/A Moment Apart Reprise Cinematic from r/Odesza

We miss you, ODESZA.

Featured image via Tonje Thilesen. 

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