Watch ODESZA Drop Some New Unreleased Music in Australia [Must See]
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Watch ODESZA Drop Some New Unreleased Music in Australia [Must See]

Ok, before you start freaking out, there is a few things you should realize about this article, and the ODESZA boys in general. 

The group rarely changes up their sets from location to location. This is pretty much a known fact by now. ODESZA’s show is based on a cinematic approach to production, making it almost impossible to change everything from show to show.

So when the boys decide to drop a new live edit of an old track, or even something brand new, super-fans like myself take notice. Last night in Australia, ODESZA did just this. Now we aren’t sure if this is an actual attempt at a new remix or something they just decided to flip for their live shows, but damn it’s always nice to hear something new.

The song is the classic ‘The Locomotion’ by Little Eva, but with one hell of a funky twist. Featuring ODESZA’s signature horns and upbeat vibes. The video was captured by our Aussie friend Nick Bellotti.

Along with the new flip, you can clearly see that the boys created some signature visuals for this one. Whatever the hell this is, we are digging it.

And just to add to the hype train, ODESZA posted this magic on their twitter yesterday!

Could we be near a collaboration between ODESZA and Bonobo? We sure as hell hope so. Let your imagination run wild fam.  🙂

Featured Photo: Julian Bajsel

Featured Video: Nick Bellotti / @Nick.Bellotti

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