ODESZA Teases New Music at Day for Night [Watch Here]

It’s been a full two years since ODESZA released their last LP In Return. During those two years, much has changed for the duo. In Return created massive appraise, created their own label: Foreign Family Collective, a worldwide tour, and legions of new fans.

While the record will never get old, fans have patiently waited for a ,” promised”, new album. Well, last night fans at Day For Night in Houston were treated to some new tunes from the group.

This mysterious song had been previously teased in the group’s return to Red Rocks video, which was released in early December. ODESZA brought several changes to their set at Day For Night, mixing in some incredible live edits of their original track “Sun Models” and using some of the music from Clayton Knight solo project BeachesBeaches.

Was it worth the wait? What do you think?? Check it out below!

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  1. There are a few errors in the article. ODESZA’s debut album is Summer’s Gone, their label is Foreign Family Collective, and Clayton’s last name is Knight.

    • Hey Gavin. Thank you for correcting us. We really appreciate that. Article is fixed and edited.

      Thanks for Checking out our blog, and please shoot us an email at Info@riverbeats.life if have any other questions or concerns.

      Thanks once again

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