ODESZA Details Creative Process Responsible For Worldwide Success In New Video

ODESZA Details Creative Process Responsible For Worldwide Success In New Video

In anticipation for their upcoming album, Odesza teamed up with Native Instruments to create a four-minute video that takes fans through the mindset of ODESZA’s creative process. Throughout the video, the duo (comprised of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills) mention that a huge part of their success is a willingness to “explore new areas” and “make some weird noises”. Despite making mistakes, they note that they discovered some of their “most interesting ideas” this way.

Both members of ODESZA preach the importance of trying new things and being true to oneself, rather than worrying about perfection. Mistakes, according to them, are worthwhile as long as they turn into learning experiences. Clayton had this to say on the topic:

“Learn and grow from those mistakes as much as possible, you don’t want it to be perfect, it can be kind of raw, it needs to be you” – Clayton Knight

Furthermore, Harrison sheds some light on the advantages of working in a duo. When either of them feel anxious about a certain sound, they are able to look to the other for reassurance and confidence that what they’re trying might work.

“I’ll hit the wrong button and turn on a plug-in and Clay will go ‘Oh! I like that!’ and I’ll go ‘yeah me too!’ and the whole song becomes a different song” – Harrison Mills

ODESZA‘s upcoming album A Moment Apart is scheduled for a September 8th release. During the video, the duo inform fans that they focused on “growth, progression, and maturity” when creating the album. They also state that rather than trying anything groundbreaking, they tried to develop their existing sound in order to give it more depth.

“We’ve rediscovered that sound in some sense and reconnected to it, it has flavors of what was but is also something new and progressive” – Clayton Knight

Read more about ODESZA‘s work on EDMTUNES and check out the full video below.

 Feature image courtesy of The Current.

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