ODESZA Debuts 2nd Single of 2017 "Late Night" [Listen Here]
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ODESZA Debuts 2nd Single of 2017 “Late Night” [Listen Here]

Ealier today, Seattle duo ODESZA stopped by two Seattle radio stations to debut their first release since 2015.

The song, titled “Line of Sight” feat. WYNNE & Mansionair, was released bright and early on the respective radio stations. Within an hour of that release, the group took to Twitter to announce they would be releasing another single later in the day.

We are happy to report the second song, titled “Late Night”, has been made available on most streaming platforms.

The track was originally dropped at Day for Night Festival. While still considered “new” to most fans, “Late Night” is actually being reintroduced by the group. Before ODESZA was even a legitimate group, both producers had successful solo careers. Beachesbeaches is the producer name in which Clayton Knight (currently one half of ODESZA) released under.

“Late Night” is a re-work of an original track named “LLC”. LLC disappeared from all platforms after Day for Night. Leaving fans to wonder wether it would make an appearance on the new album.

Along with these releases, the group announced a headlining performance at Bumbershoot, the local Seattle music festival featuring other headliners such as Flume and Lorde. Unfortunately, no new release date was set for their upcoming album.

With only one month until Red Rocks, this is exactly what the ODESZA fan base has been screaming about. Enjoy the new track below!


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