ODESZA Confirm Upcoming BRONSON Mix for Intermission Broadcast Series

ODESZA Confirm BRONSON Mix for Intermission Broadcast Series

With the start of the new year, ODESZA and Foreign Family Collective re-launched their Intermission Broadcast series. The Broadcast series was created in hopes of providing a “welcomed distraction” and “acts as a reminder of the power of music to bring people together, even when we are apart.”

A month ago, Tycho joined the Broadcast with an hour-long mix. Today, Hayden James joined in on the fun.

The Intermission Broadcast Season 2 series – as they have titled it – has included sets from ford., Tycho, and Hayden James as mentioned above. On the description of Hayden James’ mix, released today, shows the following:

odesza hayden james bronson

And today, during the premiere of the stream, a fan caught ODESZA saying the following, shared via r/ODESZA here.

odesza bronson text

The BRONSON project, comprised of Golden Features and ODESZA, emerged last year – which is crazy to think about. Because of the pandemic, the trio have been unable to play live together, and Golden Features recently posted on his Instagram that a true BRONSON show “may never see the light of day.” In case this is true, we’re excited for the new mix and what could have been by the group.


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Season 1:
Mix 001:
Mix 002: @chet porter
Mix 003:
Mix 004:
@Jai Wolf
Mix 005:
@SG Lewis
Mix 006:
Mix 007:
Mix 008:
@Mild Minds

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