not sorry & Wild Boyz! Release "Like This" via Play Me Records
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not sorry & Wild Boyz! Release “Like This” via Play Me Records

not sorry & Wild Boyz! - Like This [Play Me Records]

NYC and San Francisco producers not sorry and Wild Boyz! are consistent collaborators on a steady stream of Dubstep originals.

The bass heavy producers dropped a brand new original this week titled “Like This.” 

The song boasts grimey bass driven drops on the front and back end of the song. The production is similar to several other tracks from the group. 

When two excellent producers come together in a collaboration, the level of quality expands. This is truly evident when not sorry and Wild Boyz! collaborate.

These two are River Beats favorites and we look forward to more from them, as well as Play Me Records!

Connect with Wild Boyz!:
Web Page | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud

Connect with not sorry:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud | Free Downloads

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