Nora En Pure Releases Dynamic Two-Track EP & Accompanying NFT [Listen]
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Nora En Pure Releases Dynamic Two-Track EP & Accompanying NFT [Listen]

nora en pure nft

Nora en Pure is diving into the digital art sphere with her two-track EP ‘Oblivion / Thermal’ and an accompanying NFT collaboration. The first piece of her digital art release dropped for free yesterday, and the second piece drops today here. Both pieces are audio-reactive and are built around her new track “Oblivion,” the first track of the EP release.

The first NFT piece titled “Aurora Surrealis” is a minute-long work featuring the instrumental sequence into “Oblivion.” The second drop, released today, is a 1-of-1 genesis piece titled “Connection,” built around the song’s dramatic drop, “while digitally imagining the interconnection between all living things as experienced through music.”

“Thermal / Oblivion” follows her 3-track Monsoon EP released at the beginning of this year.

“This exciting space that cryptoartists are embarking into encouraged us to imagine a surreal world where music & visuals immerse both people and nature in a bond of rhythm and sound. This connectivity to nature is something I strive to represent in all my compositions, and in this drop our environment and character connect and react to the sounds of ‘Oblivion.’”

  • Nora en Pure

Featured image via Suzana Paylan.

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